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Under no circumstances may any graphics or pictures created by Inkblot or used on the Inkblot website be duplicated for use on another web page, either by downloading from the website during the period of time it is posted online or from any other page on the Inkblot web site, or by duplicating from the email of the proof provided to the customer in the proofing stage. These components have been created by Inkblot Graphic Design, LLC expressly for use on the Inkblotdesign.co.nz web site. Use of any of these components for any other purpose is expressly prohibited.

All announcements/invitation designs remain the property of Inkblot as the creator of the graphics and are not intended for free use.*

*The exception to this is for products for sale on minted.com store. Minted owns all of the rights to my work on their website so I cannot assist with any requests related to my work available on their website. The customer service team at Minted will be able to assist you with all your needs. Please email them directly at help@minted.com

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